New Shoes for the Big Ride across America

15 Mar
cycling shoe

cycling shoe

The Summer Cycling Shoes I picked for the Big Ride Across America

As I get ready for the Big Ride across America, I am going through all of my equipment and assembling the stuff I  already have to see how much things weigh and what needs replaced or updated.  As an avid cyclist, I have been riding for many years, so, a lot of my gear is outdated.   One of the most important pieces of gear needed is a good pair of summer cycling shoes.  I have already returned two pair of Pearl Izumi shoes as they were about 2-3 sizes too small.  I found these Terra Vent shoes in a listing for Men’s Cycling Shoes  and they fit perfectly.  They are like a sneaker with a stiff sole that has two mesh internal ventilation ports.  The shoe is designed like a sandal with lots of open spaces and mesh ports for air flow.   The upper part of the shoe has the look/feel of a mesh water shoe or sandal.   They look like they will be very cool this summer.   Can’t wait to spin in them tomorrow.

Terra Vent Shoes have a nice stiff sold with optional plate that can be removed for your clipless pedals or SPD cleats. Next, I venture into the realm of choosing clipless pedals.  Here is a cool buyers guide to clipless pedal systems.

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