I just got a new High Visibility Reflective Raincoat

16 Mar
high visibility cycling jacket with reflectives

high visibility cycling jacket has reflective sleeve fabric, reflective piping, reflective rear triangle.

zipper off sleeves to convert to a wind breaker vest.

zipper off sleeves to convert to a wind breaker vest.

Cycling in the cold and rain? No thanks!

As we plan to ride 85 miles a day on the Big Ride, the cold and rain are sure to torture us. I never want to ride in the rain. So, what’s a girl to do? Suffer?

This is the jacket we selected after trying on and evaluating all the jackets available to us (see  Men’s Cycling Jackets and Women’s bike jackets )  It is a rain coat, with taped seams. It is made out of a fabric that is three layers. The outer layer is a soft polyester that is laminated to a waterproof/breathable membrane.  The inside layer is lined with a a polyester mesh that is soft and wearable.

The jacket is a bit on the heavy side but given all the features, It looks like a winner.  I love the fit around the neck and face.  The hood snuggles up around the face and is adjustable.  The hood also has a zipper on/off.  The pockets are deep enough and inside you can pull a round elastic cord to synch the hip tighter or looser around the hips.  There are three zippered pockets.  The jacket is specific to cycling but it feels like a normal jacket to wear.  It is highly visible in low light conditions with the added reflectivity built into the fabric of the sleeves.  The safety yellow color creates the visibility we will need riding on the road.  The sleeves on this jacket zipper off so it can be used for layering as a vest.  I like the wrist adjust-ability with nylon cuff with a thumb hole that seals off cold air from going up the sleeve.   Check out the jacket details and lots of images.     IllumiNite Reflective Rain Jacket Switchback Safety Yellow

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