Restful Nights assured when using a Pro-Lite therma-rest mattress.

19 Mar
sizes of therma rest

sizes of therma rest

Restful Nights assured when using a therma-rest mattress. Here is the ideal sleeping pad for the cross country bicycle ride.  It packs to a small cylinder sack that is 11 inches tall and 4 inches wide.  The pad is very easy to inflate and just as easy to compress back into the sack.

This is my third therma-rest purchase in a row.  Shopping online, the first one was large and didn’t pack up small enough for our trip on bicycles.  The second one was a NeoAir XLite mattress that is smaller and lighter (12 ounces) but it made a horrible cracking noise when moving on the mattress. I knew I would never sleep with the loud voice of that pad.   Rather than buying online again, I went to the local REI store and found this fantastic sleeping pad.

This Pro-Lite therma-rest mattress is very small, the women’s packs to 11 x 4 inches.  The pad comes in 4 sizes including a women’s size that is a full size sleeping pad  measuring 20 x 66 in.  It inflates quick with a super easy self inflation valve that is fast and easy to inflate.  The mattress has a self inflating foam core that makes setup quick and easy.  The pad was made in USA which is a bonus!!

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