Navigation on a bicycle – easy with this celphone holder

30 Mar
bike mount for cellphone

cellphone holder,bike mount

Now that we have our routes mapped out for our Big Ride Across America we will be navigating through lots of small towns with our favorite apps right at hand.  This little gadget holds my cell phone in view without interfering with the handlebars. It is a Gomadic Bike Handlebar Holder Mount System suitable for the Motorola DROID, and I got it on Amazon for $26.93

It has several foam pads to help the phone fit snugly into the holder. There are lots of micro adjustments to get the perfect placement.

It appears ideal but I am reserving judgement until I get out there on a 100 mile ride. I am hoping that it is voiceless without any rattles. We are looking forward to a break in the weather so we can get out there and ride. Today we woke up to snow and yesterday we rode in the freezing rain. I am going to need a waterproof pouch to hold the phone before I put it in the holder…

Navigation on a bicycle - easy with this celphone holder

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