High Visibility on the Bicycle

8 Jun

Enhancing Visibility for The Big Ride Across America


This is what we put together to address the bicycle visibility issue:

1. Clothing is Florescent Yellow with tabs of 3M Reflective on the front and back of jersey
2. Flourescent Orange Interceptor Pedego electric bike
3. Fiks 3M Reflective rim sitckers
4. CatEye USB rechargeable blinking lights white on front and red on back

Visibility is enhanced with color during the day and reflectivity for low light conditions in the morning and night.  In the photo you can see the specially designed Aero Tech Cycling Apparel and the Pedego bike I will ride for 3300 miles across the United States.

The BikePedego Interceptor  – I just love the upright position of the bike’s design.  All the pressure on the back of the neck is removed as well as numb hands.  I carry my weight on the two ischium bones that are well situated on the bicycle saddle to support my weight.  Visibility in enhanced with the Pedego bicycle’s florescent orange color.  My new pedego bicycle has a built-in front headlight and red rear tail light.

The clothing: was designed by my staff at Aero Tech Cycling Apparel .  Our designer Evan put the jersey together to show the iconic images of Seattle Washington and the Capitol in Washington DC.  The Start and Finish of the Big Ride.   The fluorescent yellow safety color is creatively combined with some of our brightest safety colors.  The bike shorts relieve the pressure of the ischial area with the Top Shelf chamois pad.  When I am dressed in this outfit, my clothes don’t move and I am very comfortable.  Sandy, who is our sewing room supervisor made sure the garments were put together with all of the best fabric features available in our shop.  Our design department worked through a constant series of adjustments to get the florescent colors to pop with brilliance..   I like the fact that the jersey is loose fitting and has a full front zipper so I can wear it over a long sleeve bike jersey.  I also use the long sleeve jersey as a base layer to protect my arms from the sun.

Extras:  You can see the handlebar case added that will enable me to operate my phone through the plastic on the face of the map holder.   Not showing are the orange waterproof panniers I intend to add before the start of the ride.


Fiks  3M Reflective stickers on the rims.

To get the most out of the reflectivity story that exists in our cycling industry, I added these awesome reflective stickers that are sold online through Fiks reflective.  Fiks is a great business story of a fellow entrepreneur based here in Pittsburgh, Pa.  A shout out to my friend Nick who designed these great 3M Reflective wheel stickers will get them on our bike too!

I added a CatEye front light that is rechargeable. via USB and a blinking tail light that runs 30 hours on a single AA battery.


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