Waterproof Panniers for the Big Ride Across America

11 Jun

Waterproof Panniers for the Big Ride Across America

How much stuff will I need to carry each day as we ride our 85 miles across the country?

On one hand I want to be a minimalist and stay light weight. On the other hand, I will be outside riding all day, every day. I am going to need to carry a jacket, water, an extra battery and my laptop computer.   Most of us work and will have to keep in touch with work and spend some time working each day remotely.  I don’t know what the vibration will do to the laptop, but I am hoping we can carry it in these panniers.

They have a rolled top that folds over and straps tight to keep the load snug.   The bags are designed to be waterproof by using a urethane coated fabric that is heated with radio frequency to melt the materials together for a tight waterproof seam.  The back of the pannier is adjustable with an hex wrench so this bag fits most bikes.  It is snug on my bike and I am pretty sure it isn’t going to bounce off if I hit a hard bump while riding.

The bag has a great high visibility color, and reflective patches on both sides of the bag.

This bag is sold separately so you need to buy 2 to get a set for both sides of the bike.  The price is $85 each or $170 for the set.   It is very lightweight, just 1.5 pounds.   The bags are reversible so you can put it on either side of the bike.   See this item at Seattle Sports who manufactures it domestically.  Made in USA!


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