Flying Southwest Airlines with Two bicycles

15 Jun


The bikes are packed nice and tight, ready to go. Southwest Airlines was very friendly and helped us get the bikes on our flight. It was just $75 for each bike, which I thought was a great deal. The bikes got on our flight and arrived in the oversize baggage area in the baggage claim. We were so happy to see the bikes and all our luggage delivered flawlessly.  Thanks Southwest Airlines for being bicycle friendly!!   See Southwest Airlines special luggage  bicycle policy.

TSA bicycle inspection cut all the tape and banding. Inspected the contents and re-taped the container shut. It damaged the nice tight packaging, but it still made it in one piece and we were grateful to see the bikes come through the baggage claim’s oversize luggage chute.  Next…we unpack them and build them back up.

southwest airlines

TSA bicycle inspection


One Response to “Flying Southwest Airlines with Two bicycles”

  1. Terry June 16, 2014 at 7:28 am #

    I’m so excited for you guys and am looking forward to following your adventure! Good to know my favorite airline, Southwest, is bicycle friendly. Ride carefully and have a wonderful journey!

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