Day Two…72.3 miles through the Cascade Mountains

18 Jun
Wild Horse Wind and Solar Farm is at the top of the mountain.  It is very windy and there are no trees.

Wild Horse Wind and Solar Farm – My Pedego bicycle got me to the top of the mountain.

Washington State – Easton to Vantage

The day started out with a weather forecast that called for a low of 46 with a 52% chance of rain.  Dressing for Cold Weather Everyone on the Big Ride overdressed for the day after being so cold and wet the day before.  We all wore rain jackets, tights, gloves, shoe covers and all dressed head to toe for cold and rain.  Fortunately we didn’t need to.  As the day went on, it got too warm the layers got peeled off.  Eventually finishing out the day in shorts and a jersey.

The route had several gentle rolling hills through wheat fields that are irrigated with water pulled from the Colombia River.  The biggest climb was up a mountain pass where there is a huge electric generation facility – the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Farm>  It generates and distributes green energy to Washington State.  It is very windy at the top and there are no trees.

Towards the end of the ride, we went down the back side of the mountain for 10 miles into the river town of Vantage.  Can you imagine 10 miles of nonstop downhill?  It was so fun to go down into the Colombia River valley and pass the petrified forest on the way.

Colombia River Gorge

Colombia River Gorge is 39 feet below normal.  See the high water marks on the bridge pillars.

We will cross the bridge in this image tomorrow, it is Interstate 90 and there is no shoulder so we will have two vehicles escort us as we ride in a group across the River.  The Colombia River is currently 39 ft. below the normal water line. The locals who make a living on the summer recreational area are hurting and are hoping the water levels rise within the year.

Now that we are down in the valley, you know there will be a significant climb tomorrow to get up and out of the River Gorge.



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  1. Rick Zoltun June 18, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    Your blogging is AWESOME!!

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