Day 4 Odessa to Spokane Wa. – 77 miles

20 Jun

The day out of Odessa was supercharged by Odessa High School’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) who made us a hot breakfast that was delicious and fulfilling. Their FBLA students got a state championship and are headed to Nationals, so we passed a hat around to collect cash to contribute to their trip to nationals.  Good Luck Odessa High School!


This day started out like this!  It was amazing, fantastic and truly thrilling as we cycled on perfect roads with almost no traffic.  DSC00308

The scene was totally silent except for the sounds of nature like the strong winds that howled through the hollows, the birds and insects.  We could ride in the middle of the road for hours without a car in sight.  The houses are miles apart because there is no water and hardly any rain.

Cycling near Odessa WA

We arrived into Spokane just after lunch.

Gene and Charlton are ready to call it a day...

Gene and Charlton are ready to call it a day…

The tour organizers set us up for two nights in a dorm room where we will have access to private rooms, laundry, electric and lots of yummy restaurants.

Thanks to the Sigle famiy for this fantastic photo of the Big Riders heading into Spokane for a two day stay at Gonzaga University dorm rooms.

Big Ride Across America 2014
Tomorrow….rest day!

One Response to “Day 4 Odessa to Spokane Wa. – 77 miles”

  1. Chris and Morgan June 20, 2014 at 6:40 pm #

    Enjoy your day off and eats tons of food, guilt-free!

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