Day 6 Spokane, Wa to Sandpoint, Idaho 76.4 miles

24 Jun

The cyclists participating in the Big Ride Across America, started the day together as a group and cycled out of Spokane after breakfast at the Gonzaga University cafeteria.  There are many cyclists in Spokane so the town’s drivers were courteous and tolerant when sharing the road with cyclists.  Most of the route has a nice shoulder on the side with ample room for both cyclist and trucks.  There are lots of big trucks carrying pine logs that shed bark bits as they pass.

Pend Orielle River

Pend Orielle River

The ride was gentle rolling hills that softly move eastward with wide 12 ft. shoulders on Route 2. We followed the Pend Orielle River.  The geography was interesting as you can see the gouging from glacial ice that cut through the land formation.

Pend Orielle River

The weather was perfect with a crystal clear blue sky. When we arrived at the campsite at the Athletic Club, we were so happy the showers were soft and hot. The shower is part of the daily ritual of riding high miles in a day. A great shower is invigorating before the group heads out for dinner.

We chose the local Steakhouse which had aged beef that was delicious.  The town of Sandpoint was easy to walk to from the Athletic Club where we camped and the houses in town were very cute.  Dinner was at the Hydra Sandpoint’s Original Steakhouse where we thouroughly feasted and enjoyed.

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