Day 16 Hardin, Mt. to Sheridan, Wy. – 84 miles

3 Jul


Cycling through the valley of the Little Big Horn River, we crossed over this river several times as we wove our way southward towards our destination of Sheridan, Wy.  The cowboys in Wyoming do not want to share the road with cyclists so we got a bit of “stay the F*** on the sidewalk” banter from multiple sources.  Let’s just say Wyoming needs a little lesson on “civility” when guests are in their state.  Other than the drivers, the citizens are friendly and hospitable.  The Crow Indian reservation was part of the route, where there were plenty of dogs without leashes that created excitement within our cycling groups.  Last stop on this journey was the KOA of Sheridan, Wy.

Hello to Wyoming, our 4th State in the Big Ride Across America.

Next Day’s Plan:



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