Day 24 Miller to De Smet, SD – 76.7 miles – Reached the halfway point!

10 Jul

Today’s Mapmyride report:

76 miles | 17.2 mph | 4 hours 26 minutes |  Now, that is a tailwind!

Today’s ride was through the farm country and pleasant little towns in South Dakota.  We traveled due East all day.  The ride was smooth and easy with a boosting tail wind that pushed us along with ease as we passed through the halfway point at the 1650 mile marker in a little town called Huron, South Dakota.  At the end of the day we logged 1669 miles toward our goal of 3300 miles.


Sunrise at 6:00 am as we cycled Eastward


The remaining Big Riders make it halfway across the country, July 9, 2014


de smet

Donna from the De Smet Newspaper came to our campsite to greet us and gather info for a newspaper article about the Big Ride Across America

DSC01458 DSC01455 DSC01443


Rich’s Gas and Service in De Smet doesn’t take debit cards for gasoline.




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