Day 29 Owatonna to Winona, MN – 90.2 Miles

15 Jul

This was an amazing day, with a strong tailwind the entire trip. We got into the dorms at 11:30 am — after riding 90 miles! It was so early, we had time to walk into downtown Winona, shop at a bike shop and visit Bubs Brewery Restaurant and have some lunch. Of course, we had to taste the local beer. We stayed at the University of Winona in luxury dorm rooms. It was awesome to stay indoors with a nice cool temperature.

MapMyRide: 90 Miles | 4.5 hours | 18.3 mph (Tail Winds make a big difference)


The sunrise as we started our day


Cornfields – This will be a bumper year for corn and soy. Crops are huge so far!


What goes with corn fields? Ethanol…


Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes


Can you see the high temp? July 14 – high of 69 degrees!

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