Day 30 Winona to Viroqua, WI – 65 Miles – Across the Mississippi

17 Jul

New State on the Big Ride Across America: Wisconsin

We have ridden over 2000 miles and we are entering our 7th state. Hard to believe we are almost done!  We were thrilled to stay the night in a dorm room with all the extras we have come to expect.  One of the biggest benefits — no mosquitoes!

MapMyRide Statistics:    71 Miles  |  Time:  4:47   |  14.8  mph


Sunrise Bicycle Ride

The ride today was quite smooth given all the climbing we had to do.  The hills were pretty steep; the only one marked was 10% grade but it was over a mile long.  At the top of the hill was a serene setting that overlooked the Mississippi River gorge.  These happy cows came over to say Welcome to Wisconsin.


Happy cows in Wisconsin! Cheese curds were on the menu from Kevin and Jen who know a lot about this part of the U.S.

While riding in the rolling hills, we got to see lots of Amish people working in their fields.  The crops changed to reflect the local population, as we saw more oats and alfalfa growing to feed the working horses.  We also saw a few buggies parked next to the river while the men fished.


Big Riders entering Wisconsin – Our 7th state.


This King of Beers doesn’t come from Anheuser-Busch


Mississippi River Crossing


The World’s Largest 6-Pack in LaCrosse, Wi.



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