Day 31 Viroqua to Madison – 100 Miles – Through the Polar Vortex

19 Jul


Today’s 100-mile ride was pretty cold — we rode through really thick, intense fog.  The temperatures today were really cold, my hands and feet were freezing even though I had 2 long-sleeve shirts and a rain coat, leg warmers and fingerless gloves.  I was chilly starting the day out.

MapMyRide Statistics:    100 Miles  |  Time:  6:59  |  14.4 mph


Unseasonably cold for July

It was amazing to ride through such a dense cloud of moisture, you could feel yourself punching through the density of the air as we rode through it.


Riding early in the morning through the dense fog was really exciting. You could feel the density of the air.


The clouds demonstrate how excellent the weather has been on this tour.


Flood plains on the Mississippi River


Wow – The corn grows tall here!  Cold temperatures in 50’s


The roads we rode on were lush, and quiet – Wisconsin is very leafy and green

DSC01730 DSC01694

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