Day 33 Madison, Wi. to Garden Prarie, Il. – 94 Miles

19 Jul


MapMyRide Stats:  93.3 Miles  |  Speed 16.3 Mph

Riding out of a bicycle-friendly city was pure joy!  Bicycles have their own space and infrastructure — designated lanes and bicycle paths throughout the city.  There are many cyclists in this town because it is flat and safe to ride.

Madison is a bicycle friendly town.

Madison is a bicycle-friendly town. It was a fun couple days at Wisconsin University.

The bike ride today was out of the city and through rural Wisconsin dairy land.  There were lots of farms, with lots of cows.  The hills were rollers which gently flattened out as we approached Illinois.  The weather was perfect, in the 70’s, and the sky was clear all day with a zero percent chance of rain.


Happy Cows

Happy Cows


Golden Wheat Fields

Wheat is almost ready for harvesting



Cathy and Paul Entering the 8th State on The Big Ride Across America



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