Day 36 Valpariso to Kendalville, IN – 114 Miles through flat farmland

22 Jul

114 Miles through flat farmland

MapMyRide Stats:   114 Miles  |  Time:  6:27   |  17.6 Mph

This was an excellent day for cycling.  The temperature was in the high 70’s with a slight tailwind.  The sky was blue all day and there was a zero percent chance of rain.  The cycling through Indiana was flat with lots of soybeans and corn.


Sunrise in the cool, misty morning

Kendallville is a warm town who welcomed us with a dinner with the Mayor, W. SuzAnne Handshoe.  The Parks Department and their board of directors made us dinner and breakfast in Bixler Lake Park.  Their hospitality was gracious and generous.  They made us feel like family.


Kendallville is very patriotic. They have many soldiers who serve our country.


The flat land in Indiana is used for growing lots of corn and soybeans.

Battery report:  For those of you who want to know about how the electric bicycle handles this high mileage, here are some details from today’s ride:

Battery 1-35 miles

Battery 2-30 miles

Battery 3-40 miles

Battery 4 just started when we reached our destination — the county park.

At this point in the trip, we have accumulated about 2500 miles and the battery life is hovering around 35-40 miles per battery.  Each day, I try to completely discharge the battery before changing it.  Each night, I run three chargers with three batteries.  I carry three on the bike and keep one in the mechanic’s truck in case it is needed in an emergency.  The extra battery on the truck is available every day if I think I am running low on power.  I am riding the electric bike with the power assist at levels 2 and 3 most of the time.  After 36 days on the road, I have only used four batteries twice, and both days were over 100 miles.


Soybeans….lots of soybeans



3 Responses to “Day 36 Valpariso to Kendalville, IN – 114 Miles through flat farmland”

  1. John Anderson July 23, 2014 at 7:55 am #

    The danger of completely discharging your battery pack is the possibility of getting your cells, or some of them if your batteries aren’t balanced, too low in voltage. That could damage your batteries. It depends upon how the batteries are managed by the battery management system, BMS, if you have one. It would be better if all the batteries were connected and used at the same time rather than one at a time. It would be nice to know what the voltage is on every cell inside your battery pack. I have that capability on my ebike.

    • cyberbikerider July 24, 2014 at 11:41 am #

      Thanks for the input. It appears that a battery that gets low (onto one bar out of 7 bars of power), it re-charges better than a batter that was barely used. It may be my imagination because I am not keeping exact records. I should start measuring the miles for each battery and see what the facts are. I am averaging 35-40 miles per battery at this point, pretty consistently with all three batteries that I rotate regularly.

  2. Kathleen Nalon July 23, 2014 at 7:41 pm #

    Thanks for your daily post, I find them very interesting. Wish I was with you on my Pedego Cruiser.

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