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Day 48 Clarksburg to Washington D.C. – 45 Miles – Final Destination

4 Aug


We reached the final Destination, Washington D.C. — 3300 Miles by bicycle from Seattle.



Taking the bike trail into D.C.


Special Greeters – with bicycles for the last couple miles. Thanks Ben, Jenny, Paul, Lizzie, Andrea and Teddy!


There was an electrical fire as soon as we reached D.C. Because when we arrive, we bring the power, makes them come alive… see video



2014 Big Ride Family bonding


Our route was blocked by Palestine protests in front of the White House.


The last lap


Everyone on the ride got a customized “2014 Big Ride Across America” medal.




We couldn’t have done it without them – Thanks Lynn, Will and Charlton!


Day 47 Gettysburg to Clarksburg, MD – 50 Miles – Our 12th State

4 Aug


This part of our coast-to-coast bicycle tour was getting bittersweet — happy to be reaching our destination but a bit sad to see it end.  Most of us were in great spirits as we got into Maryland ready for our final night in the tents at a campground.  We worked our way through narrow country roads that were in pretty good shape.  The traffic was bearable even on Maryland Route 27 South.  The road had a shoulder that was wide enough to keep us out of the traffic.  The weather was cloudy and threatening all day but never got wet.  We were thrilled to get through yet another rain-free day on the road to D.C.  Our dinner was catered at the campground that evening and we all enjoyed steak, chicken and a welcome bit of booze.  The Big Riders gathered for our final dinner together as a group and declared ourselves a “family” — the 2014 Big Riders.  We will go down in history as having the best possible weather in the history of the ride.


Riding into our 12th state on rolling hills


State #12 – Maryland



Maryland has big turkeys that are free to roam.


Maryland also has lots of huge turkey vultures.


Horseback riding signs all over the back roads.


This is the last night on the road at the Bennett Park Campground

Awards — I missed a few of them but here is what I listed:

Most Bonus Miles: Anita
Chamois Cream King: Kenny
Best Motor: Terry
Sweethearts: Kevin & Jen
Longest Distance Couple: Charles & Lisa
Coffee King: Paul
Party Planner: Lisa
Influencer: Kenny
Most Flats Queen: Jen-  7
Most Flats King:  Kenny – 6
Least Flats: Paul & Cathy – 1 each
Fastest Eater: Anita
First in Camp: Terry
Last in Camp: Anita
Least Gears Shifted: Rob
Eagle Eye: Kevin (95 bungee cords counted)
Fastest Recovery: Becca
Best Climber: Jen
Best Ass: Paul
Most Likely to Sing: Cathy
Best Lunch: Will
Most “Favorite Ever”: Becca
Most Charitable: Cathy
Most Self-Sufficient: Lynn
Best Smile: Charlton
Bad Ass: Charlton
Class Clown: Rob
Late to Breakfast: Lisa
Most Improved: Anita
Breaking a Fast: Terry
Most Photos on rides: Jen