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Day 20 Rest Day in Rapid City – Mt. Rushmore

5 Jul

Mt. Rushmore is located in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Rapid City is known as the “Gateway to the Black Hills” and has several popular tourist attractions like:

The first thing we all do on a Big Ride rest day is bicycle maintenance.  We tune up the bikes, wash and lube the chain and replace any parts that are worn out.  VeloSante has been very supportive for this aspect of the ride.  They provide a full service setup with bike stands, hose with soapy water, sponges, chain brushes and cleaner.  All the tools you need for regular maintenance.  While getting my hands greasy is not my favorite, the organization makes it easy to keep the bikes finely tuned.

On this day, once we finished bike maintenance, we were provided with a 12 passenger rental van to get us up and out to tour the sites.  The town has 84 restaurants to choose from.  This is a top-rated all-you-can-eat Indian restaurant where we started our excursion.

Kathmandu Bistro - Indian Cuisine

Kathmandu Bistro – Indian Cuisine. Wonderful Indian buffet to start the day – a yummy lunch sponsored by Kenny’s doctor.

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