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Whats in your bag? Getting our “stuff” organized for the Big Ride Across America.

11 Jun


What is in your bag?  We are mostly packed and ready for our trip. When we started training seriously in March of 2013, we have gathered much information to make the trip go smoothly.  Here is my packing list:     2 Northface Waterproof bags, Bag 1 – Hotel in a bag (tent,  sleeping bag, therma-rest pad, sheets.  Bag 2 – Personal Gear bag 35 pound limit

Bag 1 – Personal Gear Bag:  

Cycling Clothing  Whats in the Bag?
5 cycling jerseys with back pockets (2- short Sleeve Coolmax polyester,  3- Long Sleeve for sun protection )
5 cycling shorts (2 thick elite pads, 2 top shelf pads, 1 anti-chafe pro short pad)
3 base layer polyester tee (2 long sleeve white for sun protection and 1 short sleeve undershirt)
1 thermal wind tight – unpadded
1 supplex stretch tights – unpadded
1 white arm warmer
1 high visibility windbreaker (summer weight packable)
1 raincoat (waterproof/breathable) with zip remove sleeves
5 pair coolmax socks
1 pair tip toe warmers
2 sweatbands 1 doo rag
1 thermal helmet liner
2 pair cycling gloves (1 fingerless for daily 1 thermal for cold)
1 toiletry bag with 5 washcloths
1 laptop computer
1 zippered case with chargers cords/wires
Cash and Credit cards (kept in two locations)
Passport and Drivers License (kept in two locations)
Concealed money belt
Binder with paper, work files, addresses etc. (office)
Regular Street Clothing
2 short sleeve shirts
1 long sleeve shirt
1 Cashmere sweater
2 shorts
1 long pants
1 sandals
1 sun hat
1 bathing suit
5 pair underwear
1 sleeveless night shirt
2 laundry bags

Bag 2 –  Hotel in a Bag
1 tent with porch to hide bicycles
1 tent footprint ground cloth
1 Therm-a-Rest mattress pad
1 compactable sleeping bag
1 twin size sheet
1 full size pillow
1 camping towel (quick dry type)
1 Insect Repellant
1 head mounted flashlight nighttime setup
1 set ear plugs and eye covers

Cycling Gear – Carried on BikeWhat to Carry on the Bicycle
1 mini digital camera
1 cell phone with navigation and 1 battery booster
1 cycling shoes with cleats
1 helmet – Giro with mirror attached
2 lights, white front on bike, red rear on bike
2 rear waterproof panniers
2 ebike batteries
2 wrap sunglasses (with bifocal to read maps)
2 water bottles plus 2 liter reservoir in panniers
1 map holder case mounted on handlebars
1 back rack bag with equipment below
1 multi-tool
1 small adjustable wrench
1 set of tire levers
1 bottle chain lube
1 air pump
1 spare tube on bike (plus 4 in packed supply box)
1 patch kit
1 chamois cream pack
1 secure bicycle lock
1 sunscreen stick
1 lip balm

Spare Parts Box – Kept on Truck if needed
4 spare tires
4 Slime tubes
6 extra spokes
1 ebike battery
12 AAA batteries
12 AA batteries
1 extra electric wheel /spare parts