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Day 17 Sheridan to Gillette – 112.3 Miles Plus: Bicycle Dashboards

3 Jul

This is proof that it is the “Big” ride Across America….112 miles is a “big” ride!

112 MIles

112 miles on the range.  Long rolling hills, lots of wind and very few people.

We rode out of Sheridan and into the sparsely populated state of Wyoming. This day was ideal for a long ride.  The weather was completely clear blue sky, the heat was tepid in the 70’s and the land was gently rolling with lots of epic views and scenic countryside.

While riding on this century tour, I found the Pedego Interceptor e-bike to be incredibly inspiring as I did a study of bicycle dashboards (see below).  I needed a fourth battery for the mileage and mountains.  The 112-mile ride took about 7 hours to complete.  We stopped several times, plus lunch.  It was really fun to break out and let the electric bike do its thing.  It was a pleasure to ride and the electric assist was incredibly fun.  The electric bicycle was first in camp on this long day.  The fastest bike is the Pedego Interceptor!

The cycling jerseys I have been wearing are working out incredibly well.  I have been wearing only long-sleeve jerseys to protect my skin from the sun.  The Aero Tech Designs Custom Jersey is amazing in that it’s very cool to wear and holds all kinds of stuff in the back pockets.  I am really happy with the Elite pad in my shadow bike shorts, too.  I have no need for chamois cream or other chafe protection.  The shorts alone are awesome and I am very comfortable.


Cathy’s Pedego Interceptor electric bicycle

Bicycle Dashboards on The Big Ride:

DSC01034 DSC01033 DSC01032 DSC01030  DSC01000 DSC00999  DSC00967 DSC00964 DSC00963 DSC00960 DSC00932 DSC00931 DSC00930 DSC00929  DSC00927  DSC00925 DSC00924 DSC00923