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Day 26 Tyler to New Ulm, Mn. – 94 Miles

12 Jul

The ride from Tyler to New Ulm was fairly easy given the high mileage.


Cycling Tyler, MN, to New Ulm via rt. 14

New Ulm, Minnesota has a German influence.  Population: 13,522.  This little town was established by German immigrants and is home to the August Schell Brewery.  The town center has a 45-foot tall glockenspiel bell tower with 37 bells that chime throughout the day, and play beautiful music at noon, 3 and 5:00.  In addition, it has what any good German town must have, polka music — playing all day in the downtown area.


Downtown New Ulm, Minnesota — land of friendly people

The hills were gently rolling with a lot of farm country in between.  There are acres and acres of corn and soybeans growing in lush green display.  The state of Minnesota had a lot of rain this spring so it appears to be a bumper year for crops with large yields.  The only downside that I can see is the mosquitoes and gnats…lots and lots of bugs.

The custodian of the Miller High School said the mosquitoes were so big this year that we could skin them and filet them for dinner.  Now that is a big mosquito.  All joking aside, it’s pretty buggy this time of year.  We started the day out with moist conditions as it rained hard overnight, but lucky for us, no rain for the ride — the clouds opened up and blue sky came in.  Another blissfully excellent day on the Big Ride Across America!


Started the day out with wet rainy streets, but then…the clouds broke up and it was blue sky.

MapMyRide Stats:  94.04 Miles | 15.4 MPH | 6 hours and 7 minutes

There is a big promotion on for the Tour de France: once entered into the contest, within the smartphone application, all your mileage is automatically logged into the online race.  With all this high mileage on the Big Ride, I happen to be in 31st place.  Woot Woot!  I already won a jersey for 500 miles.  This makes me want to sing….do do doit do do do do, do do doit do do do do do ( my fellow riders know the tune).


Corn ethanol processing plant

With all the cornfields here in Minnesota, it’s only natural that we would come across one of these ethanol processing plants.  The smokestack was not quite tall enough as the odor of fermenting corn was quite heavy as we passed by.

The team from VeloSante Cycling Services create a wonderful experience for us each day.  They feed and water us every 20 miles (and we love it), they rescue us when we have technical difficulty (flats, broken chains, derailleur issues etc.).  What is really cool about this organization is that we get the fix we need and they put us back on the road.  What a luxury to ride with such an outstanding organization.  If you are reading this and are thinking about a bicycle tour, they are awesome!

VeloSante - Great Service Provider

VeloSante – Great Service Provider!


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Day 24 Miller to De Smet, SD – 76.7 miles – Reached the halfway point!

10 Jul

Today’s Mapmyride report:

76 miles | 17.2 mph | 4 hours 26 minutes |  Now, that is a tailwind!

Today’s ride was through the farm country and pleasant little towns in South Dakota.  We traveled due East all day.  The ride was smooth and easy with a boosting tail wind that pushed us along with ease as we passed through the halfway point at the 1650 mile marker in a little town called Huron, South Dakota.  At the end of the day we logged 1669 miles toward our goal of 3300 miles.


Sunrise at 6:00 am as we cycled Eastward


The remaining Big Riders make it halfway across the country, July 9, 2014


de smet

Donna from the De Smet Newspaper came to our campsite to greet us and gather info for a newspaper article about the Big Ride Across America

DSC01458 DSC01455 DSC01443


Rich’s Gas and Service in De Smet doesn’t take debit cards for gasoline.




Schedule for the Big Ride Across America – Daily Mileage

16 Mar
Day City State Arrive Depart Miles Total
 0 Seattle WA 15-Jun 16-Jun
1  Easton WA 16-Jun 17-Jun 91 91
 2 Vantage WA 17-Jun 18-Jun 72 163
 3 Odessa WA 18-Jun 19-Jun 83 246
 4 Spokane WA 19-Jun 21-Jun 77 323
 5* Spokane WA Rest Day 323
 6 Sandpoint ID 21-Jun 22-Jun 76 399
 7 Thompson Falls MT 22-Jun 23-Jun 88 487
 8 Missoula MT 23-Jun 25-Jun 101 588
 9* Missoula MT Rest Day 588
10 Avon MT 25-Jun 26-Jun 99 687
11 Townsend MT 26-Jun 27-Jun 61 748
12 Harlowton MT 27-Jun 28-Jun 101 849
13 Billings MT 28-Jun 30-Jun 92 941
14* Billings MT Rest Day 941
15 Hardin MT 30-Jun 1-Jul 56 997
16 Sheridan WY 1-Jul 2-Jul 85 1082
17 Gillette WY 2-Jul 3-Jul 112 1194
18 Newcastle WY 3-Jul 4-Jul 76 1270
19 Rapid City SD 4-Jul 6-Jul 81 1351
20* Rapid City SD Rest Day 1351
21 Kadoka SD 6-Jul 7-Jul 102 1453
22 Pierre SD 7-Jul 8-Jul 96 1549
23 Miller SD 8-Jul 9-Jul 73 1622
24 De Smet SD 9-Jul 10-Jul 77 1699
25 Tyler MN 10-Jul 11-Jul 78 1777
26 New Ulm MN 11-Jul 13-Jul 87 1864
27* New Ulm MN Rest Day 1864
28 Owatonna MN 13-Jul 14-Jul 72 1936
29 Winona MN 14-Jul 15-Jul 90 2026
30 Viroqua WI 15-Jul 16-Jul 66 2092
31 Madison WI 16-Jul 18-Jul 100 2192
32* Madison WI Rest Day 2192
33 Garden Prairie, IL 18-Jul 19-Jul 94 2286
34 Coal City, IL 19-Jul 20-Jul 106 2392
35 Valparaiso IN 20-Jul 21-Jul 84 2476
36 Kendallville IN 21-Jul 22-Jul 109 2585
37 Napoleon OH 22-Jul 23-Jul 70 2655
38 Sandusky OH 23-Jul 25-Jul 90 2745
39* Sandusky OH Rest Day 2745
40  Burton OH 25-Jul 26-Jul 92 2837
41 New Waterford OH 26-Jul 27-Jul 59 2896
42 Washington PA 27-Jul 28-Jul 62 2958
43 Confluence PA 28-Jul 29-Jul 88 3046
44 Bedford PA 29-Jul 30-Jul 81 3127
45 Gettysburg PA 30-Jul- 1-Aug 100 3227
46* Gettysburg PA Rest Day 3227
47 Clarksville, MD 1-Aug 2-Aug 60 3287
48 Washington DC 2-Aug -42 42 3329