Getting ready to ride…new stuff

10 Mar

The Big Ride Across America – 3300 miles

Countdown.  Today is March 10 and we leave for Seattle on June 14th.  Just three months to get our body’s into shape and get our affairs in order.   I have been training 4-5 days/week for a mere 30 to 45 minutes all winter long.  This week,  I made up my mind I need to step up the training to about double the intensity.  I signed up for a Spinning class four nights a week and whew, that is kicking my butt already.

Today we got our tent, which will be our home for many nights while on our cross country adventure. We bought the Northface kaiju 6  which we saw earlier this year at the Outdoor Retailer show.   This tent is roomy and lightweight.  We liked it because it has an awesome extra porch space outside the tent.  This extra space is ideal for our bags.  The tent is big enough to stand upright at about 6 foot in the center.  It is really roomy and has extra mesh shelves you can hang on the inside to dry out your stuff.   Since it will be the two of us, and they carry the bag for us from point to point in a truck, we thought we would indulge in a roomy space.  If we had to carry this tent on our bikes each day, of course we would have gone lightweight 2 man tent.   I’ll keep you posted on how this works out on our bike ride.

Home on the Road

This is the tent we selected for the 2014 bike ride across America. It is a 6 man tent –  19 pounds

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