Day 34 – Garden Prarie to Coal City, IL – 109 Miles

19 Jul


MapMyRide Stats:   109 Miles  |  Hours 6:42  |   16.2 Mph

Riding through the state of Illinois was long but mostly flat with interesting waterways and quaint little towns.  We ended this day at a campground in Coal City.  The city has several deep quarry holes from man-made coal mining properties.  The coal was mined very deep into the ground before fresh spring water filled the landscape to create several recreational waterways.  Our campsite was next to one of these man-made lakes; there were boats, swimmers and lots of recreational activity.



Early morning exit from Garden Prairie Illinois

Corn fields are everywhere
Corn fields are everywhere..they call it “fuel corn”

There are lots of big time farmers who rotate their fields between corn and soy beans

Coal City Recreational Area

Coal City Recreational Area – Camped out for the night


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